Fascino Rewards Membership

For every $1 = 1 reward point

500 points earned = $50.00 Fascino Shoes rewards voucher


Guest checkouts DO NOT earn reward points, so make sure you login or set up your password to link your in-store membership to our website or if you are new to Fascino Shoes register an account with us before checking out. You can find all this information in our login area at the top right of our website. Need help with your account? Unsure if you are already a member? We are here if you need us & we don’t want you missing out on your reward points. You can email us @ sales@fascinoshoes.co.nz or fill in the Contact Us form, you can find this at the bottom of our website. 




Terms & Conditions:


  1. All guest checkouts are EXCLUDED from earning reward points.
  2. Membership are not transferable.
  3. For every $500 you spend, you will receive a $50 rewards voucher. (Includes all sale goods)
  4. Sales must be put on your membership account at the time of purchase to be accumulated.  
  5. Reward points will start to expire after 3 years.
  6. Reward vouchers will expire 1 year from issue date.
  7. Fascino Memberships are EXCLUDED from our outlet store.
  8. Earning points is on every whole dollar of spend in a transaction.  Remainders are NOT carried forward to be added to the next transaction. 
  9. Freight charges are EXCLUDED from earning points.